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Washing Instruction:

To avoid transmission to yourself and others, it is essential that you keep your facemask as clean as possible. We recommend washing before wearing.

Please ensure that you follow these washing instructions after every use:

  • Create a lather by hand washing your face mask with an anti-bacterial detergent.
  • Place your mask into an empty bowl, bucket or sink.
  • Completely submerge your mask(s) with boiling water from the kettle.
  • Soak for 20 mins
  • Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  • Hang / radiator dry.

Please be aware of your handling of the mask as you place on and remove from your face.

Always ensure your hands have been washed to an adequate standard before handling.

Why wear a mask?

Recent research, which is being updated daily, now suggests that a mouth & nose covering is a credible and effective way of reducing the spread of this terrible disease:

  • Masks decrease the virus spread by infected individuals. The mask traps virus particles, preventing them from becoming airborne.
  • New infection is decreased by lessening the ability of unaffected individuals to inhale the virus particles.
  • Acting as a physical barrier, limiting hand to mouth direct contact and further risk of contamination.
  • Visible promotion of universal mask wearing is a standard public health requirement in public spaces across the globe.  

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Donations to the NHS

Every day the raw material and marketing costs fluctuating on our masks, but 50% of any profit on the NHS themed masks will go to the NHS. It can be difficult to gift the NHS as a National institution, so we have decided to use a giving money page that will be made public on request and feed moneys into the 'NHS Charities Together'. This fund actually supports 230 different NHS charities in the Country. Endorsed by the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS England, NHS Charities Together provides support and grants only to these 'official NHS' charities. 


By ticking the box at checkout you accept that you fully understand the nature of this product and its limitations when it comes to preventing the spread of Covid 19 and any other viruses and also accept that you will pass on the recommendations for maintaining a clean and hygienic mask by following the washing guidelines as provided at

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